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But why
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"We dont use eco-friendly cleaning solutions because "eco-Friendly" is a buzz word. We use them because they work better than the standard cleaning methodology. They clean better, are safer and are more effective. Thats why we use them."

We are here to help.

"We are a home grown carpet and upholstery cleaning company based in Derbyshire, UK.

We have developed our services over nearly a quarter of a century to provide you with a customer first and highly effective carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair service."

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"Cleaning you
can trust."

Why use us?

If I can say one word that would describe why you should use us it would be quality!

We really do take pride in the quality we provide. We are a family business with over 20 years professional experience , so long term customer relationships are important to us. Our business relies on repeat work and recommendation, so you will receive a quality service every time.

We believe in old fashioned good workmanship, customer service and value. We use only top quality, professional products that adhere to our environmental policy and work to achieve our own high standard. You can also be assured that we know what we are doing.

When we treat your carpets or upholstery fabrics, you will only have technicians that have years of experience and have been trained to deal with all fibres, fabrics and floor types.

We also know how busy modern lifestyles are so we fit our services around you.

Superior cleaning

  • Our cleaning removes more stains and deep down soiling.
  • Our cleaning is safer
  • Our cleaning is greener
  • Our cleaning is recommended by experts and manufacturers.
  • We clean all your carpet, even moving furniture for you.
  • We treat all staining

Guaranteed services

Satisfaction guaranteed. We guarantee customer satisfaction on all our work. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, we will re- clean straight away, no quibble. We will not ask you to pay a penny until you are satisfied.

Insured services

We are fully insured for all risks including liability and treatments.


We have over 22 years experience in the professional cleaning industry.

Reliable service

We turn up at appointed times. If we're running late, we let you know.

We provide a quality service every time.


When we quote a price, that's what you pay. No hidden extras No selling you services you don't require. Honest pricing structures. Just high quality services at a fair price.

Want more infomation?

If you have more questions or just want a chat about your cleaning needs and to see if we can help, please contact us via our contact form.